A Second Harvest – Men of Lancaster County #1

May 1, 2017

A Second Harvest is part 1 in the new Men of Lancaster County series by Eli Easton and is all about a few of my favourite subjects. It has been a while ago since I read this book, but I still remember the pleasure I had when reading it.

David Fisher has been living by the rules all his life, but never his own rules. Born in to a Mennonite family he has always obeyed his father and took over the family farm when his father died. He married and had two children, all as was expected of him. But it never was what he really wanted from life, and he has been denying himself all his life.

Now both his kids are in college and his wife died. He is running the farm all alone, but all joy has gone from his life. That is, until he meets Christie Landon, who lives in a small house not far from him.

Christie is a graphic designer and has been living in Manhattan all his life. But now he is looking for some peace and quiet and moved into a small house he inherited from his aunt when she died. Not long after moving in, Christie spots the very interesting older man living not far from him, and decides to take a chance. He goes over and talks David into a plan for sharing meals and grocery expenses.

Both men find they are enjoying each others company more and more and are spending a lot of time together. But will David be able to break free from his past and finally take what he really wants?

I have always loved stories that deal a little bit with religion and people making bold moves and doing what they wanted to do for a long time. Although Christie seemed a little over the top sometimes and David was as stubborn as ever, I really enjoyed this book a lot.

You can find more about Eli Easton on her personal site. This book is for sale at Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, and Barnes & Nobles.


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