A Shared Range – Range #1

November 2, 2015

8839364A Shared Range is book 1 in the Range series by Andrew Grey and is a series all about cowboys in the great state of Wyoming. Even a cowboy needs love sometimes and it can be found in the strangest places.

All Dakota Holden ever wanted was to become a doctor. He spend a year in medical school, but was forced to come back home when his grandfather fell ill and needed his help. Now Dakota is running the family business, only allowing himself 1 week of vacation a year. In that week he tries to have all the fun he can, with a string of different men, so it will last him the rest of the year. There is no room for a permanent relation in his life and Dakota has accepted that.

On his last vacation he met Philip Reardon. They had a lot of fun together, but when the vacation is over it all ends. Philip calls Dakota every now and then and over time they become friends and nothing more. Dakota invites Philip to spend some time with him on the farm and Philip accepts. But he doesn’t come alone. Philip brings his friend Wally Schumacher with him, a veterinarian looking for some experience with bigger animals.

Very soon Wally and Dakota find they have a love of animals in common. And not only that, there seems to be a very strong physical attraction between the men. But when Dakota tells Wally that sometimes they have to shoot wolves to protect the cattle, the men find they have different opinions on that. Is that difference to big for them or can they learn to look past that and find lasting love together?

This story is set in Wyoming, the same state where Matthew Shepard lived and died. And Grey manages to get that message in this book in a great way, I loved it. It is a story of hiding, prejudice and overcoming fears, but I liked it.

On the other hand the story is almost nauseatingly sweet, with of course a happy ending to match. Whenever I want to read a sweet story, Grey never lets me down.


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