A Taste of Love – Of Love #1

November 3, 2015

ATasteofLoveLG-webA Taste of Love is a book by Andrew Grey and part of the Of Love series. Every book in the series is set in a place that has to do with food. A restaurant, a bakery or some other place, all food related. I kind of like it when stories revolve around the same theme, it binds them together and provides for a better background.

In this first book we meet Darryl Hansen who has recently opened up the Cafe Belgie, where he wants to serve honest and good food. The restaurant is a great succes from the start and pretty soon the work is getting too much for them. So Darryl hires Billy Weaver.

Billy Weaver is desperately seeking a job, he is willing to do anything. So when Darryl hires him he is determined to prove his worth. He works hard and soon gains everyones respect. But Billy also cannot keep his eyes of his new boss, he really really likes the man.

Darryl notices the looks Billy is sending his way, but he is afraid to act on them. Billy is so much younger than him and because of a dark secret in Darryls past, he is afraid to act on his feelings. And Billy is hiding a big secret of his own. Ever since his parents died, Billy is taking care of his two younger brothers, 5 year old twins.

So what will it take for Darryl and Billy to act on their feelings and admit how they feel about each other. Despite their age difference and all other problems, they need to learn they are meant for each other.

Soon Billy and his brothers worm their way in to Darryl’s heart and he is willing to do anything for them. But will it be enough when a final and very big problem emerges in Billy’s life?

Normally I don’t like books with big age differences but in this one it doesn’t bother me so much. Darryl and Billy are obviously meant for each other and when that happens age doesn’t matter anymore. I really liked Billy’s younger brothers, they made me laugh at points and seemed to except everything coming their way. And Billy taking care of his brothers the way he does can only be admired.

So once again, a great book by Andrew Grey, highly recommended to everyone.

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