A Terrible Husband

March 13, 2015

What happens when two people have been together forever, take things for granted and kind of loose touch ? Do you let it happen or do you fight to keep what you have?

Miles used to be a model, but is now retired and owns a small boutique in London. He has been with the much younger Jeremy for 10 years now. In order to celebrate their anniversary, Jeremy takes him on a surprise trip to Ibiza, their favorite island. But what happens there makes Miles wonder about their relationship and if things are still what they used to be. Do they still expect the same out of the relation or not?

The story was nice, simple and quite easy to relate to. But I must say, some things were a little far fetched and sought. It is quite understandable to question a relation when you have been with someone for over 10 years. Things change in time and you need time to re-evaluate things and make sure you are still both on the same page. But so many things happening in 1 week time, when you are on an island far away from home? And yet everyone seems to know where you are and is able to find you?

But all in all, not bad, so please do enjoy this book…. Feel free to check out the authors blog right here.

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