Aaron – Survivor Stories #1

August 29, 2015

16005260Aaron is part 1 in the Survivor Stories series by J.P. Barnaby. The whole series is about people who had a hard life, but need to learn to get passed that and build a new life with someone else. A great starting point and very easily to get wrong. But J.P. Barnaby certainly did not get it wrong, it is spot on.

In this first book we meet Aaron Downing. In the past he was kidnapped together with a friend and horribly abused and raped. As a result of that he still suffers from nightmares, flashbacks and constant fear. It is almost impossible for him to have a normal life, no matter how much he wants it. He feels he is a constant strain on the rest of his family which makes him feel very guilty.

Forcing himself to lead a somewhat normal life, he signs up for college. But when he is assigned Spencer Thomas as a partner for some programming assignment, he starts to feel that maybe normal is beyond his grasp.  If only he could learn to control his fear, that would be enough for now. Not to mention his growing attraction to Spencer, but why would someone like Spencer be attracted to him. It could never be, or can it?

Spencer soon realizes that Aaron has some problems, but he is able to look passed that. His father is a recovering alcoholic, so he knows some about trouble. He is immediately attracted to Aaron, but he needs to make him see that. Aaron needs to learn to depend on Spencer, and not be afraid of anything.

Very very slowly Spencer starts working his way into Aaron’s life and help him to get better. No matter what happens, he loves Aaron and is determined to make him feel better again and to make him see there is so much more in the world than being afraid all the time.

Before this book I never heard of this author, but I must say I really liked this book. It is always hard to deal with psychological problems and the effect they have on people. Barnaby describes them very well in this book and I could instantly relate to both Aaron and Spencer. So make note of this author everyone, this is one to follow.

You can find J.P. Barnaby’s personal website here. This book is for sale at Dreamspinner Press and Amazon.


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