Aaron’s Story

March 11, 2015

Aaron’s Story is the book that precedes what happens in Braden’s Story, that I blogged about here. In this book we meet Aaron, a 16 year old boy with a secret. He is gay but knows for a fact that his family and friends will never accept that from him. Other gay boys in school are constantly bullied and teased and he doesn’t want that to happen to him. Plus his parents are strictly Christian and homosexuality is definitely not allowed in church and at home.

But then Aaron meets Steven, the local jock that he never thought he could have. Stephen is supposedly straight, but really likes Aaron and can’t keep his hands of of him whenever they are together. However, he doesn’t want to reveal his love to the rest of the world.

Aaron decides he wants to be straight and needs to find a girlfriend. A girl in his school is already in love with him, so what could be easier than starting up something with her? All goes well, as long as he doesn’t have to kiss her or hold her hand all the time. And does she really have to be everywhere he is? Then one night, Aaron and his girlfriend are together, clothes come off and they are trying to have sex. And in that second Aaron realizes he is truly gay and can’t deny it anymore. He blurts out to his girlfriend that he is gay and runs out of the house. But then the real terror starts….

This story is a lot shorter than Braden’s story, but I found this one easier to read. There isn’t much religious talk, it stays in the background. I can really relate to what Aaron is feeling and going through, and it is really hard when you see only one way out of your trouble.

But as always, it takes a difficult time to get to know your real friends and the people that will be there when you need them.

Honestly I can recommend this first book more than the second one…..


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