Accidental Love

July 1, 2015

13455240Accidental Love is a book in the Hot College Daze series by Shae Connor. All stories are written by different authors, but all are set in college and revolve around students, professors or some other combination of people found there. Most of the times the combinations are unlikely but work very well.

In this part we meet Greg and Keith, college roommates. Both are gay, but they don’t know that in the beginning. Greg thinks sex is equal to things he gave up like alcohol and drugs. If he ever gives in again, he will fall right back in to the bad past and he doesn’t want that to happen. Keith is all about casual sex, never wanting more because he thinks he doesn’t deserve it. Every weekend he goes out to gay bars and clubs, gets his satisfaction and comes back for the week.

So why is it that Greg can’t stop looking at Keith when he is in their room? No matter if he is asleep or just watching tv, Greg cannot stop looking and feel a growing desire inside of him. But he can’t give in to it, because that would mean bad things.

At first, Keith thinks it will be just a roommate with benefits thing, nothing serious. But feelings are unstoppable and emotions cannot be controlled. And when a midnight basketball game leads to a very hot and very nice kiss, all bets are off.

Will they be able to get past their feelings and give this love a chance? Keith decides to open up his heart to Greg and take his chances, hoping for the best. And all Greg can think about is not falling back to the alcohol and drugs filled days of the past.

I actually kind of have a thing for college stories and this one is no exception. However, at points I just wanted to scream at the boys and tell them to get on with it for the love of anything… Clearly they both like and love each other yet they both are reluctant to give in….. Makes me wonder what the rest of the series will be about….


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