And Manny Makes Seven

January 17, 2015

23668550This book is the third part in the “Mannies Incorporated” series, and if it is up to me I hope it is the last one. I blogged about part 1 here and about part 2 here.

In this third book the manny in question, Hutch, starts working for Adam and his five brothers and sisters. They lost their parents and recently Adam’s academic mentor. Adam has tried to keep his brothers and sisters together the best he can, but he is running down and doesn’t know what to do.

Enter Hutch, who takes over from Adam and quickly works his way into the household and into Adam’s heart. First Hutch tries to ignore his feelings for his employer, but pretty soon he learns that is impossible. Then one night Adam breaks down in tears, Hutch comforts him and they end up in bed together.

I really understand the whole manny thing and how this could work out. But after three books, I think it has been enough. There are only so many situations you can think of where a manny comes in, and I think we have had them all. So Sean Michael, if you read this, please take another subject for your next book.

Luckily in this third book the children aren’t so annoyingly present as they were in the second book, but still this book hasn’t left much of an impression on me. Read it if you want, but don’t get your hopes up.


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