Angel in a Book Shop

January 8, 2015

23309025Angel in a Book Shop is another story that can be placed under Christmas stories. Short, sweet and very romantic, it provides for a quick but fun read.

Joshua Blakeman recently lost his father. All he left to him and his mother is a small bookshop called Chapter One. Placed in London in a quiet square near St Pauls Cathedral it is completely boarded up and hasn’t been opened in over a year.

Joshua goes in to clear the place out and see if they can sell it. But when he gets there, he finds the place nice and quiet and feels at home there. And since he recently lost his job over some incident he has all the time in the world.

Michael is the owner of the shop next door. One day he walks in with coffee served in a pride mug and starts talking to Joshua. Slowly but surely both boys fall in love and discover the other one is just what they need in life.

But Michael has a great secret that he needs to share with Joshua. But will Joshua still love him the same after he knows the secret and learns what Michael is prepared to give up to be with the guy he loves?

Normally I am not into fantasy books, but the fantasy is limited in this one. So not bad at all.


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