Baked Fresh – Portland Heat #2

May 8, 2015

Baked Fresh is part 2 in the Portland Heat series by Annabeth Albert. Different stories, but all are set in the Portland area.

In this second part we meet Vic Degrassi, a baker who recently lost a lot of weight but still has to come to terms with that. He volunteers at the local homeless shelter, where he meets Robin Dawson. But Robin is seeing someone, so he knows it will never be. Besides, he is quite sure someone like Robin will never have eyes for him. And the last time Vic dated someone has been so long ago, he is not sure he still knows how.

Suddenly Robin is dumped by his boyfriend and Vic decides to take a chance. One steamy night follows and they both have to decide what they want. Will it be a one time rebound thing or will it be more than that? Can Vic overcome his insecurities and is Robin ready to open his heart again?

I really like the Portland Heat series. It is al about hot guys and good food, what more could you want? Annabeth Albert has a real talent for writing a sweet story, with just the right amount of drama and love in it. The stories are not too long, so can be read in a few hours. And it will leave you feeling like true love still is around in the world.

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