Bedside Manner – Hearts and Health #2

July 22, 2018

Bedside Manner is part 2 in the Hearts and Health series by D.J. Jamison. My blog about part 1 can be found here. As with part 1, part 2 is also centred around a hospital and has medical characters in it.

Zane Kavanaugh (best friend to Ben, who we met in part 1) is attacked in the street one day and ends up in hospital for a few days. Since he came out as gay his family doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore, so he is quite alone in the hospital. But when Dr. Paul Johnston enters the room, Zane has a completely new thing to think about. Paul has the most wonderful dark eyes and they leave Zane al flushed.

Paul doesn’t want to fall for a patient, especially since he is already in trouble after receiving a complaint against him for behaving out of line. Recently divorced, just out as a gay  man, he is still very fragile and careful. He knows he would never do anything wrong, but he just can’t get a certain patient out of his head.

So when Paul and Zane meet outside the hospital, what could possibly go wrong? Paul has no or limited experience with men and doesn’t know what to do? Zane wants to teach him everything he needs to know, but will he get the chance?

“Dr. Paul Johnston can’t get a set of dark, somber eyes out of his head, and the timing couldn’t be worse. The last thing he needs is to fall for a patient. Not now, when he’s been put on paid leave pending review of a formal complaint.
Reeling from an assault that landed him in the hospital and the painful estrangement from his family since coming out, Zane is trying to get his feet under him and find his independence. When he connects with Dr. Paul Johnston outside of the ER, he’s drawn to the man’s calm, collected manner. It doesn’t hurt that Paul’s lack of experience with men is sexy as hell, and so are his over-the-top responses when Zane gets his lips on him.”

D.J. Jamisons personal page can be found here. You can buy this book and the rest of the series at Amazon.

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