Begin Again – Rags and Riches #9

August 13, 2017

Begin Again is the latest addition to the Rags and Riches series by E.M. Leya. The basic principle of the series is always the same. Two different people meet, one is always poor or otherwise in a bad state, and the other one is rich or at least better of. They meet and hit it off straight away, overcoming all the problems between them.

I have read every other part in the series and I have always loved them. And this latest part is no difference, it was a heart warming story all over again. But since we are already at part 9, I am beginning to wonder how long you can keep the series going. At some point all the possible combinations must run out I guess.

Tyler (who we already met in an earlier book from the series) had it all in his life. The perfect job, the perfect boyfriend and the perfect friends. But now it is all gone. He has made bad choices, nurtured a drug addiction and suffered from severe anger issues. In the end it landed him in jail for three months, and when he is released he has nothing and is forced to live on the streets, begging for food and shelter.

Richard lost the love of his life several years ago in a horrible accident. After that he turned his mind to work and buried himself in it. He owns one of the busiest gyms around town and it keeps him busy. His only escape is driving his motorcycle with friends.

Then one day Richard motorcycle breaks down and Tyler is there to help him. One thing leads to another and the two men have a one night stand together. But that one night doesn’t go away so easily and it leaves both men wanting more. A friendship builds between them and maybe even more.

But will Tyler ever be able to tell Richard the truth about him? At some point he might be forced to do so, and that might be the point he looses Richard all together. Both men need to learn to build trust and start depending on the other. But can they do that?

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