Blind Faith – Blind Faith 1

February 12, 2015

17450677Blind Faith is the first part in a new series by N.R. Walker, who also wrote the Red Dirt Heart series earlier. And just like that one, I really liked this new series.

Carter Reece is a veterinarian, taking over the practice of an older vet in a small town. Only special patients get housecalls, so Carter keeps these patients on.

One of the patients is a guide dog, owned by Isaac Brannigan, who is blind. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the dog, but since his old guide dog died Isaac is afraid to get attached to a new one and orders every test in the book.

Carter is immediately attracted to the arrogant ut very sexy Isaac. He doesn’t care Isaac is blind, that makes him only more special.

But will Carter be able to get through to Isaac and make him see just how special he is?

Just as with the Red Dirt Heart series, ¬†Walker is able to create very strong characters in a few words. You can immediately relate to every one and feel their emotions. So this new series is a great read. If you loved Red Dirt Heart, you are sure to love this one…..

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