Blowing It

April 3, 2015

Blowing It is a novel by Kate Aaron, the first I read by this author. It is a nice, friendly, but a little tame story. Nothing much happens, everything turns out in the end and of course the hero gets the girl, or in this case, the boy.

Owen Barnes is an author, struggling to sell his first book, unsuccessful so far. Then a friend dares him to write a YA novel, since Owen claims it is so easy to do. To prove himself, he does write it and it turns out to be a huge succes. It makes him rich, lands him a contract and gives him possibilities. But the terms of his contract are quite strict, because he is a “product” now as his agent tells him. He cannot be seen in compromising situations or his books will not sell anymore. Owen is single at the time and signs the contract.

But then he meets Magnus Cassidy at one of his readings. Magnus is there with his niece, but they immediately hit it off. And for the first time, Owen starts to think if having the life he has is really al worth it. Can he have a live with Magnus, yet also maintain a career.

Owen is up for the Carnegie Medal and he really can’t use a scandal at the moment. But then a picture of him and Magnus together shows up on the internet. What to do now?

Kate Aaron lives in Britain, one of my favorite countries in the world. So of course this story is set in London, one of the best cities in the world. I could easily identify with the characters, the places and the things that would happen. I loved the way Owen sneaked in little naughty things that only he knew about. And of course Magnus loved them all when he learned about them….

There is a little sex in the book, but not to much. I don’t mind sex of course but I really don’t need it described into every detail. So this book was good for me.

You can find Kate Aaron’s personal page here. Or add her on Twitter right here.

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