Blown For Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology

July 30, 2015

7099779Blown For Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology by Marc Headley provides an interesting and never before seen look inside the world of Scientology. He spend 15 years of his life in Scientology before he left. Most of his time was spent in the secret headquarters deep in the Californian desert. It is the location where L. Ron Hubbard used to live and where current leader David Miscavige lives today. So what happens there on a day to day base. Are all he stories true? This book allows you a small peak inside this world.

Over the years stories about Scientology have surfaced on the web and other places. They tell tales about armed guards, abuse and wired fences. Are people really being held against their will or not? Countless people have tried to escape, but many failed. In Scientology terms escaping is called “being blown” hence the name of the book. Headley started telling his story on line under the alias Blown For Good or BFG. After a while he decided the story had to be put on paper and he decided to write this book.

The book is self written and self published and could really use some serious editing. But that doesn’t take anything away from the story, which is just as shocking as you might expect it to be. Page after page I was like “Is this for real? Are people really putting up with that?”

It is hard to believe that something like this could be happening in modern day America, and yet it is very much happening. According to the story, Headley was in close contact with Tom Cruise, who is to this day very much into Scientology and is one of their biggest sponsors. Headley met his wife in the Church and they married and lived there together for quite some time. Shortly after he left, she followed him and they are still together. Still very active in the battle against Scientology they continue to tell their story and try to make people see the truth about what is really happening inside.

However this book is not for people new to the Scientology story. It is filled with lingo, abbreviations and terms that have no meaning if you don’t know anything about the Church. In the back of the book a list of acronyms is provided with a meaning, but every page is filled with terms and lingo. They seem to have a fondness for that…

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in religion and Scientology, wanting to learn more about what goes on behind the facade we see outside.

Marc Headleys personal website can be found here, but hasn’t been maintained since 2011. The book is also for sale through the website.

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