Boyfriend For The Weekend – Boyfriend #1

September 26, 2015

26141376 Boyfriend for the Weekend is part 1 in the new Boyfriend series by Diana DeRicci. It is all about finding the right man in the last place you thought possible. Sometimes love needs a little nudge to fall in place.

Jayden Sindler is invited to his sisters wedding, but she warned him he better bring a date or she will not be responsible for all the single women trying to go after him. But Jayden is a notorious player, never holding on to the same person for long, and besides he is gay. So what is he to do?

Then he meets Nash Vargas, only 19 years old and recently kicked out of his home by a homophobic father. Jayden invites him to go along to the wedding, pretending to be his boyfriend for the weekend so Jayden is safe. And it will give Nash a chance to venture out in the gay world without danger.

But the more time they spend together, the more they learn there might be a chance for real love in here. Maybe they don’t want to pretend anymore and make this a real thing. Can they really do that? Will they be able to go on after this weekend? And is Jayden really what Nash wants, never having any experience at all.

I have read many fake boyfriend stories before and many were better than this one. The plot, the characters and the story were just plain and simple. No excitement, no tension, no nothing. The whole story felt a bit forced and uneasy, sometimes even rushed at points.

Definitely not the worst story I have ever read, but there are better stories out there.

You can find Diana Dericci’s personal blog here. The book is for sale at Amazon.


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