Canning the Center – Long Pass Chronicles #2

June 14, 2015

23264402Canning the Center is the second part in the Long Pass Chronicles and closely relates to part 1. In part 1 we already met Jamal Jones, and in part 2 we learn so much more about him. He has always maintained that he is bi and has no problem with that. His parents and sister totally approve. And yet, Jamal is afraid to come out on the football field. The new owner of the team makes it very clear he will not tolerate gay people on his team. So Jamal decides to stay in the closet and limit his adventures to females.

But then his friends introduce him to Trixie LaRue, a performer in a drag show. Jamal falls for her head over heels and immediately decides to chase this wonderful person, if it is the last thing he will do.

Trixie is Trevor Landry in reality. He is a brilliant mathematician with an intelligence of the scale. But Trevor hides his intelligence and his love for female clothing for the world. He is afraid no one will ever like him and take him in the way he is. Until he meets Jamal, a big strong man and everything he is looking for in a man.

Soon enough, Jamal is threatened by being seen with Trevor to much. To stop the rumours, Trevor becomes Trixie and plays the role of Jamal’s girlfriend. At first it works, but a rejected woman from Jamals past has other thoughts and is getting dangerously close to the truth. So what can they do?

Both boys have to choose what they want and fight for the person they love and want. Trevor has to overcome his anxiety and Jamal has to learn to stand up for himself and not be afraid of wanting what he wants. Will their love be strong enough to survive?

Personally I liked part 2 better than part 1. I don’t know any drag queens in real life, but the way Tara Lain describes them I can really relate to it. In my head I can see a clear picture of both guys and that means the description in the story is good. If you liked part 1, you will love part 2.

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