Center Stage

July 27, 2015

25827097Center Stage is a new book by Sara York, originally published as part of a bundle of stories, but now as an independent book. And I must say, it is a great story.

Slade Pepper is a country music star, who is just starting to gain some fame in the business. Country music is his first love and he has been working so hard for recognition. In doing so, he had to put a hold on romance and love. He is gay, but the country music business is not known for its gay acceptance. And everyone he meets of course knows who he is and wants something from him. Money, fame or a push forward, everyone has a hidden agenda. So Slade forgets about romance and works really really hard.

When he finishes his latest tour, the whole band takes a month off work. Slade decides to go away for a while and look for some privacy. He ends up on a small island far away from everything. It is there that he meets Corbin Branford. Corbin has no idea who Slade is, but the attraction between them is clear as day. One night of heated passion leads to another and so on. Slade decides to keep his identity hidden for a while. to find out if Corbin really wants him or just his name.

But then a fan comes along and blows his cover, revealing Slade for who he really is. Corbin feels betrayed and used and gets really upset with Slade. The passion between them is still there and burning hot as ever, but will it be enough to overcome this problem. Both boys need to learn to trust each other and think about their true feelings.

And then Slade still has to come out to the other members of his band. What will they say when they learn he is gay? Will they stick by him even if the country music world doesn’t accept homosexuality. And will Corbin be able to share his lover with the whole world, never to be anonymous again?

Now I really really liked the story. Characters are good, story is good and it is very easy to read. But I have to say, the ending of it really sucked. It just ended in the middle of things, or so it felt for me. What happened to them? How did their relationship develop afterwards. I really felt like there was more in the story than what was in there now.

Sara York’s personal website can be found here. You can buy this book at Amazon.

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