Chase in Shadow – Johnnies #1

May 30, 2015

Chase in Shadow is part 1 in the Johnnies series by Amy Lane and is all about the world of gay for pay. Straight boys who go gay for money and do things they would never do in real life. Or would they?

Chase Summers seems to be the perfect boy. Nice girlfriend, plenty of friends and a good future ahead of him. But he wants to do special things for his girlfriend and that costs money. So one day he decides to answer an add for Johnnies, a gay porn movie house. They pay him plenty of money to have sex on film and on the internet and nobody has to know about it.

But when the job starts, Chase realises he has feelings inside of him that he never wanted to admit. And when he meets Tommy Halloran on set, all those feelings come out with a vengeance. But if he wants to be with Tommy he will have to leave his girlfriend and tell everyone the truth about him. Will he be able to do that and will everyone understand what he feels inside.

Chase is getting more and more desperate until one night he does something unimaginable and the whole thing falls apart. What will happen to Chase and Tommy? And what happens when his girlfriend tells him she is pregnant with his child?

I really like Amy Lane books and this one is no difference. The whole gay for pay background serves really well and provides plenty of cover for all the sex in the book. I could really relate to Chase and the way he feels inside. Anxiety building up more and more until finally you can take no more. Great book, so highly recommended to everyone.

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