Checking Him Out

December 12, 2014

22467828This has got to be one of the worst books I ever read. Maybe it is because the author comes from England and writes in a certain way, but I just don’t get this book at all.

Sol Brooks is a happily married man, but in the course of a year he divorces, finds out he is gay, quits his job, finds a boyfriend and moves to England.

We learn that Sol has always been gay but only married Elise to be able to remain in the USA. Elise is also gay and they can both sleep with other people, as long as the other one doesn’t know about it. But then Sol meets a guy he is willing to risk it all for.

This book is not so big, but because of that situations are rushed and you really run from one thing in to the next without ever stopping. I found myself reading several pages back again to even remember where I was and what happened.

If other books by this author are the same, I won’t bother reading anything else.

Find out more about the author and her other books on her personal website.

Engineer Sol Brooks is a happily married man, so people keep telling him. He and Elise have been in Boston for eight years, he loves her, and she loves him. They’ve got a great apartment that’s kept its value, they’re both up for promotion, and he can hook up with any guy he likes – all the sex he wants, so long as it’s of the “no strings” variety. And that’s all fine and dandy…until a chance meeting at the checkout.

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