A Clean Break

February 13, 2015

Finally, finally Keira Andrews published the second part in the Gay Amish series about Isaac and David. And OMG what a fantastic book it is !!!

As we learned in part 1, Isaac and David are 2 Amish boys who fall in love and because of that decide to escape the Amish community and venture out in the world. At the end of part 1 they make their escape.

Part 2 picks up where we left of. Both boys are now living with Isaac’s brother in San Fransisco. They can now be openly gay and love each other. But they also have to learn about the world, modern technology and everything else. Pretty soon Isaac goes to school, makes new friends and seems to be really thriving in the world. But David is feeling more and more guilty about leaving his mother and sisters behind. He is also trying to get his carpentry business running and learning the way of the big city.

So even though they are sleeping together every night and they really love each other they must fight real hard not to drift apart forever.

And then, in the last few pages something really shocking happens. A great cliff hanger if ever there was one.

From what I read, Andrews must be talking to Amish people or at least have an insight in their world, because everything she describes is perfect. I read this book in 2 days, I literally could not stop reading at all. It costed me a sleepless night, but what a rush ! Part 3 is coming out later this year, but I just can’t wait.

Keira Andrews, I love you for writing these books !!!

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