Come What May – All Saints #1

July 13, 2016

27731949Come What May by A.M. Arthur is the first part in the All Saints series and if the rest of the series is just as good as this one, I will love it for sure. I discovered this book by accident, but I am so glad I did. Once I started reading it I just could not stop !

Jonas Ashcroft is a carefree fratboy, carefree living his life. Until he meets Tate. Tate makes him feel things he has never felt before, but Tate is also a guy. And there is just no way in the world that Jonas is gay. He drowns himself in girls and bottles, but it becomes more and more evident he just cant hide who he really is.

Tate on the other hand never made a problem about who he is and what he wants. And what he wants is Jonas. And once Tate makes up his mind there is nothing that will keep him from it.

Tate takes Jonas on a journey into a world he has never known before. A world that makes it more and more clear he needs to accept who he is and what he is.

But when his old life comes crashing in again, what will become of them? Will Jonas and Tate be strong enough to survive? And what will happen when a dark secret from Jonas’ past comes back to hunt him?

Some of the themes in this book might be a little heavy for some people and I even read some negative reviews because of these themes, but I found they did not turn me of at all. These things do happen in the real world and even right now at this very moment. So there can never be too much attention to these things, if it even helps to keep one person safe.

I personally loved the story and I really want to know where this author will take the series in the future. I cant wait to read more.

The last time Jonas Ashcroft had taken money from someone and made change had been during a drunk game of Monopoly at the Delta Theta house sophomore year. Everyone was wasted enough that they didn’t care Jonas was probably giving the wrong bills back half the time, and they’d abandoned the game in favor of beer pong and more tequila shots.

Staring down the ancient cash register behind the main counter at All Saints Thrift Store was like facing off against an old enemy. Jonas and math did not get along. Never had.

The teenage girl with spiky hair who’d handed him a ten dollar bill to pay for three t-shirts glared at him over the top of her cell phone, waiting for him to make change. The register told him that three shirts at two-fifty each was seven dollars and fifty cents. It didn’t tell him what to give her back.

He knew this. He wasn’t a total idiot, no matter what his father seemed to think. Two quarters made it eight. Two dollars made ten. Right?

A.M. Arthur’s personal page can be found here. This novel is for sale at Amazon.



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