Common Ground

April 25, 2015

Common Ground is a book by Benton Harrison and would fall in the jock-nerd category, one of my personal favorites. There is something about high school boys that I really like in a book and this one is no different.

Beechum Finch is a science nerd in high school, about to graduate. Most of his time there was pleasant, but there has always been one bully, named Marlowe Craig. For all those years he has made Beechums life miserable, but so far Beechum has endured it.

Hudson Gudmani is on the same football team as Marlowe, but has one big secret. He has always had a crush on Beechum, but so far never acted on it. One night he decides to act on it and things start to change for sure. But will Marlowe allow them to be happy together?

First of all, I really liked the book and the story, but the whole thing just seemed a bit easy to me. All those years Hudson never did anything and then one night he just “decides” to tell Beechum about his feelings. And within days from that they are very much in love. In the beginning they have fake girlfriends to hide behind, but that ends pretty soon.

I guess you could say this is young adult literature and things should be easy. However, if you can get passed that, this book is a fine read.

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