Country Boys

August 12, 2018

Country Boys is a book by Peter Styles, written with a distinct cowboy theme. I have read cowboy books in the past, and I didn’t always like them. This one was recommended to me by a friend, so I decided to give it a try. Country Boys is a sweet love story with not much action, but a lot of love.

Kyle and Allen used to be in school together. Once very good friends, but Kyle could not get out of town fast enough once he had the chance. Determined to make it out in the world, he drove out of town and never looked back again. But life isn’t always fair and after a few years Kyle is flat broke and in need of a job fast. So when he returns to town and gives his old friend Allen a call, Allen offers him a job as a ranch hand. Kyle accepts and moves in with Allen and his father.

Allen used to have a major crush on Kyle back in school, but when Kyle left town, Allen decided it was not meant to be and forgot all about it. But when Kyle returns and even moves in the same house, the crush is back and in full force. Allen has no idea if Kyle feels the same, or even if he is gay or not. And if he tells Kyle what he really feels, Kyle might run away again.

But Allen doesn’t know that Kyle also has a major crush on him, but is afraid to come out into the open with it. What if he scares Allen away and looses his job because of it? What if Allen doesn’t feel the same way? So Kyle decides to put his feelings away and don’t act on them. He is pretty sure he is going to hate working on the farm, but the work grows on him. And of course, working so close with Allen doesn’t hurt…..

Alright I will admit there was a little bit of frustration in this story when you read about both boys dancing around each other, both afraid to tell the other what they feel. But on the other hand I can imagine it would be really scary to come out with your true feelings when you have no idea how the other will react. I liked the story very much and I can see myself reading it again some day.

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