Crazy from the heat

November 15, 2014

CrazyCrazy from the heat is a new novel by Mercy Celeste. The story starts with Grey, a high school teacher at a high school that is not in the best neighborhood, but it gets by.

Then suddenly a new boy shows up in his class and he is very interested in this blond beauty. But the boy is only 17 years old and there is no way a teacher can be with a student in the way he fantasizes about…..

Paul is a 30 year old cop who happens to look like he is still 17. This comes in handy in his work as undercover cop for the narcotics division. One day he finds himself in a high school posing as a student to uncover a drugring. But his history teacher turns out to be a very hot one and he immediately falls in love with the man. But what can he do without blowing his cover….

It doesn’t take long for Grey to find out what is up with Paul and they start seeing each other in secret. But no one can ever find out, or the cover is blown. Or even worse, Grey could be pictured as a pedophile and destroy his career.

But then pictures of the two of them together start circulating in the school and suddenly everyone thinks Grey is a drug dealer and having a relationship with an underage boy. Can they get over this and be together forever?

I really liked the story a lot, just enough sex, drama and background to be believable. But I really hated the ending. In only a few pages everything goes down the drain and turns out fine again. The ending was too rushed, too fast and way to unbelievable. Sorry Mercy, but the ending really ruined it for me…..

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