Cronin’s Key – Cronin’s Key #1

April 6, 2015

As you all know N.R. Walker is and will always be one of my favorite authors. I have read her Red Dirt Heart series many times over and I still love it. So when I read there was to be a new novel released I was over the moon. But then I read what Cronin’s Key¬†was about and I thought “A vampire novel? Could this be any good?”

Luckily I tried it anyway and I should have known better. This novel is FANTASTIC !!! N.R. Walker takes everything we know about vampires, ancient Egyptians and mythology and works it around into a great lovestory that I just could not put away until it was finished. I loved it !!!

Alec MacAidan is an NYPD Detective who has regular run ins with what he calls “weird” things. In his life there have been many unexplainable things and he seems to escape death on a regular basis. But so far there is no explanation for it all. Until one night, when he chases a criminal down an alley, only to have him fall to dust right before his very eyes. It is then he learns about his true nature and what his part is in life.

Cronin, a vampire elder who has lived for thousands of years already, always knew he was fated to a man with a shield. He has never known who this man was, until he met Alec. The attraction between them is instant and unstoppable. But then, a possible worldwide disaster turns up and both men need to find common ground together and make sure they have a long life together.

On the cover of the book is a line “History isn’t always what it seems” and that is so true in this novel. Of course we all know a few things about ancient Egypt, what kind of gods they had and so on. And yet N.R. Walker is able to twist that around and make you see the whole story in a different light. What if all you believe is only what you were lead to believe? Is history really what you think it is or is it only what someone wants you to think?

I understand Walker has started a new series with this book and I for one cannot wait for more. I Love Love Love this book and I so want to know more of what is going to happen. Very well done N.R. Walker, very well done !!

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