August 4, 2015

25963015Crossroads is the latest novel by Riley Hart and after reading it all I can say is WOW !!! This story is absolutely wonderful and one of the best I have read so far.

Nick Fuller has been married since he was 17, but when his wife started cheating on him and finally left him, he is once again a single man. He is the owner of his own restaurant and has a great passion for cooking. Single again, he is determined to meet new people and have new experiences. But he has no idea where to start. Until he meets his new neighbor Bryce Tanner.

Bryce Tanner is al about having a good time. Never taking life seriously, never doing anything he didn’t want to do, he is determined to show Nick how it is done. He takes him out all over town, determined to get him to meet women and show him what the good life is.

But it doesn’t take them long to find out they would rather be together. Both men have never been with other men before and they both were sure they were straight. But there is a spark between them and they both want to do something with it. Finding themselves at crossroads they need to learn everything from scratch again. Constantly running into new obstacles and encountering problems they never had before, both men need to learn what they want in life and how much they want and need to be together.

Slowly they start to learn about love and what it means to love a man instead of a woman. And that is not the only problem they have. How do they tell their families, friends and co workers about this new love? And will they be supported or not? The only slightly annoying thing in this story is the two moms. I can understand a mom wanting the best for her children, but these two were something special. Threatening your child if they don’t do what you want? Crying and other forms of emotional blackmail?

I read blurbs of this story before it was published and I already knew I would like it, but once I started reading it it totally caught me off guard. Once you start reading this story you simply cannot stop until it is finished. And even then I felt myself wanting more. I really hope there will be more stories about Nick and Bryce, they so deserve that. It is one of the best gay for you stories I have read so far and I have read a lot. Riley Hart totally delivers on this story and I am sure I will be reading it again and again. Will they be making a movie of this story?

I very very very much recommend this story to you, you will not be disappointed. Also I want to add a special compliment to the person that made the cover of the book. I really like black and white photos and this one is great ! Sweet, romantic and totally in line with the story.

You can find Riley Harts personal website here. This book is for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo



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