David’s selfie

January 8, 2015

22737045David is a single father who vows to get laid before the year ends. To do that, he gets on the internet and uses dating sites. He uses his cellphone to take some pictures of himself, some very revealing pictures. Then one day he goes to a club and loses the phone with the picture still on it.

Dancer Craig finds the phone, but never thought it could belong to a doctor, and a very cute doctor also. He finds himself thinking about David more and more, but also worries about David finding out about his job. What to do?

David is ready to start a relationship with Craig, but he finds that Craig is holding back and has secrets he keeps from him. Can he live with those secrets or not?

And Craig finds it more and more difficult to keep his life secret from David. But he can’t imagine a doctor would be seen with a go go dancer. He is sure that will end the relation before it even begins.

Both guys have to work through their issues and learn to trust each other and to learn that not everyone is the same. Will they find happy ending or not?

I don’t think I ever read anything by this author, but since I liked this one very much, I might have to read more. Her official website is here.

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