August 11, 2016

30230917Delicious is the new novel by Sierra Riley and is all about dealing with small town fears and prejudice and making the best of your own life. In the end, we all have to decide for ourselves what we want and who we want it with.

Gavin Campbell has build his own bakery from the ground up and that is something that makes him very proud. He really needs a sense of security, something he has been lacking in his childhood very much. He only has a small circle of friends and he works almost round the clock, so there is not much room in his life for anything else. He is convinced there is nothing missing in his life.

Ben Edwards has been working for the family bank all his life. Everybody likes him, even all his ex girlfriends. All he ever did was some casual dating, there has been no woman who ever inspired him into more. Ben does all the banking for Gavin and when he asks him to be a part of a promotion campaign for the bank, Gavin accepts the offer. But when something happens that causes Gavin to be unable to work, Ben steps in to help the man out. That’s when he realizes his feelings for Gavin go a lot deeper than normal friendship. Ben doesn’t know what to do about this, but he does know he wants to stay close to Gavin. So what to do?

So was this the best story I ever read? Certainly not. Was it enjoyable and nice? Definitely ! The story was sweet, romantic and very very likable in every way. Funny, sweet and romantic, all the elements a good story needs. I Loved It !!

When an accident leaves Gavin unable to work, Ben steps in to help, inviting Gavin into his home, his life and, eventually, into his heart. Despite homophobic relatives, a jealous ex-boyfriend, and more sweet temptation than either man was prepared for, they’ll each discover that just because they didn’t know something was missing, doesn’t mean it can’t still be found.

You can find Sierra Riley’s personal page here. This book is for sale at Amazon.

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