Dex in Blue – Johnnies #2

May 31, 2015

Dex in Blue is part 2 in the Johnnies series and plays out in the same background as Chase in Shadow, part 1.

Ten years ago, David Worral had it al. But because of some freak accident he lost it all and ran away. He is now Dex, who works at Johnnies. He started off as a pornstar, but is now right hand to the owner and the guy who takes care of everything, basically running the company.

One night, he meets Kane, who is also working at the business, but looses his house and is looking for a place to stay. Dex offers him a bed for a few nights, just until he finds something else. What could be the harm in that? Kane is a big and muscular guy, but very very friendly indeed.

But then one thing leads to another and the two boys end up in bed together. They find they fit together very much and can’t live without each other any more. But both guys have troubled pasts and must learn to live with that and their past. Will they be able to heal each other and find love together?

I also liked part 2 in the series and it is quite nice to see events you already know from part 1 but now from the other side. It provides an insight in things you never had before and that is very nice to know. Kane made me laugh at several points with his somewhat naive attitude and bold statements “Every night we spend not in the same bed is a bad night” would be one of my favorites.

So far I really like the Johnnies series by Amy Lane, so anyone looking for love and romance, keep on reading this…..

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