Doc Brodie and the Big, Purple Cat Toy

October 7, 2016

30636778Doc Brodie and the Big, Purple Cat Toy by Brigham Vaughn is a book that I bought purely because of the title and the small blurb that I read. That alone made me laugh out loud so I knew the book had to be good. And it was, it really was.

Grant Murchison is a shy computer programmer with a very naughty cat called Molly. Grant loves Molly to death so when she gets hold of his favorite purple sex toy and nibbles at it, he needs to take her to the vet.

Brodie Hall is a vet and he absolutely loves animals. His arms are covered in tattoos and he owns a dog called Ruby. So when Grant comes rushing in and is very embarrassed to admit the reason the cat is so sick, Brodie is instantly attracted to the cats owner and wants to know more.

Brodie decides to pursue Grant, but finds that it is very difficult to get close to him. Grant has been hurt in the past and is now very careful not to get burned again. Will Brodie find the way to Grants heart?

Now I know the story isn’t very deep and the story line is easy, but I really liked it a lot and it made me smile more than once. I am an animal lover myself so I could totally relate to that.

You can find Brigham Vaughn’s personal site here. This book is for sale at Amazon.

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