Double Full – Nice Guys #1

March 20, 2015

Double Full is the first part in the Nice Guys series by Kindle Alexander. I have read books by Kindle before and so far they have always been to sweet, to perfect and to nice for me. This one is no different I’m sad to say.

Colton Michaels is an up and coming football hero who is secretly gay. His agent and his father persuade him to never reveal his identity because it would jeopardize his career. But one late night he makes a pass at Jace Montgomery, a cheerleader for the team. They have sex in the locker room and fall in love.

But in the end Colton is afraid and breaks off the affair, only to find a girlfriend he doesn’t love, live a life he doesn’t want and be very unhappy. He turns to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain.

Jace has never forgotten Colton, but decided he would never return and moved on with his life.

Almost 10 years later, Colton has to decide what to do with his life and make some difficult choices in life. Will they be able to repair things? Or will it never happen again?

Now don’t get me wrong, the story was great and I loved it. But Kindle Alexander has a certain writing style that just is too much for me. Everybody is beautiful, rich and doesn’t have a care in the world. People uses planes the way we would use a bicycle and run off in the spur of a moment. It is just to sweet, to nice and to perfect. And after a while that really starts to irritate me. But I could be wrong, so please let me know what you think. Kindle Alexanders website can be found here.



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