Drawing The Line – Harder With Three #1

May 14, 2015

Drawing The Line by Sara York is book 1 in the Harder With Three series and is meant to be a sort of set the tone book. But honestly, after I read it, I seriously wondered why. The story was too short, too dumb and so unbelievable. What does it add to the series?

Matt and Tom have been together for a while, but they love to play with others every now and then. For some reason they bring a woman in to the bedroom who stays around for a while. Then the woman, Mandy, gets all kinds of ideas and wants to break them up so she can have Tom for herself. She even goes so far as to say she is pregnant by Tom.

Ultimately the love between Matt and Tom is too strong and they manage to resolve the whole Mandy situation. When it is all over, they decide to move away together to start a new life. And so we move on to the rest of the series….

The whole time I read this story I couldn’t help but get annoyed and wanting to stop at least several times. Mandy’s story was so stupid, no one in their right mind would ever fall for that…

I have no idea what happens in the rest of the books, but if they are all like this one……. Sara Yorks personal page is here for more information.

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