Eradicating Hatred

January 13, 2016

This week I am excited to take part in the blog tour for a new and upcoming book titled Eradicating Hatred. It is a book that falls in the philosophy range. Not something I would normally post on this blog, but for this book I will make an exception. The picture below will show you all the tourstops on the tour, so I urge you to visit them all and leave some comment about the book for the author. Or if you want, you can buy the book at the links provided below.

Etiam Tu: Eradicating Hatred is the first installment in the Etiam Tu book series. It is the initial explanation of the philosophy of Etiam Tu as it applies to mankinds most immediate threat to his continued existence: Hatred. This book seeks to affect change in its readers perception of the actual circumstances that humanity shares. It identifies the sources of the Hatred we are subjected to, the motivations that create and maintain it, and the numerous forms in which it is manifested. It’s goal is to alert its reader and raise their awareness, by thoroughly exploring this multi-faceted threat; examining each form and humanity’s role in maintaining their existence. Ultimately, educating each reader in an attempt to enlist their voluntary individual efforts to assist in Eradicating this evil from the collective human psyche once and for all: forever.


 The Tak tse Profit spent most of life observing conditions, circumstances and people. He spent most his adult life in service to people known and unknown, considering and noting differing factors in life: both in his and other’s. He accepted his commission to share the Philosophy of Etiam Tu: inspired by his young son’s convicting of his heart for having given up on mankind.





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  • Tak tse Profit January 13, 2016 at 16:12

    Thanks for featuring my book here, it is greatly appreciated.

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