Ethan in Gold – Johnnies #3

May 31, 2015

Ethan in Gold is part 3 in the Johnnies series by Amy Lane. Once again we learn more about one of the stars at Johnnies and the life they have outside of porn.

At a very young age Evan Costa learned that love is never unconditional and that you should learn to make do with what you get instead of what you want. His mother is very controlling and that makes the whole family suffer. Never once is he touched lovingly by anyone and that leaves deep scars.

But when Evan becomes Ethan and works as a porn model for Johnnies he gets exactly what he wants. Lots of physical contact and love, or as close as possible to it. For now he is happy with what he gets. Until he meets Jonah Stevens, who works at the local pet store. Jonah has done nothing in his life but help other people and is very shy about his body. He has almost no confidence in himself. He looks at Evan like a man, not as a porn star.

Ethan looks at Jonah like a kindred spirit, but not as relationship material. He would never be good enough for Jonah and Jonah could do so much better. But Jonah has other plans and keeps insisting for more. What can Ethan do to make him think otherwise?

Personally part 3 was a little less than the first 2 parts. I could not really relate to Ethan and his almost pathological need for human touch. If someone would do that in real life, you would think it creepy and scary. So still not a bad read, but I liked the first 2 parts better.

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