Event – The Event Group 1

January 8, 2015

eventEvent is part 1 of the Event Group novel series by David Lynn Golemon. I never heard of this series until recently, but after reading the first novel I am hooked. A few hundred pages each, but I go through it like crazy.

The Event Group is a part of the US Government, so secret that only a few people are aware of its existence. The groups mission is to uncover hidden thruths behind the myths and legends of history.

In part 1 they take on the world famous Roswell legend. Did an alien spacecraft really crash there in 1947 or not? And if so, what happened to the remains of the ship and the people inside?

In the present day the exact same thing seems to happen again, but this time it is clear that there is another spaceship forcing the other down to the ground. Once crashed an unspeakable evil escapes and threatens to destroy a small town and the people who live there. The Event Group is called in to take care of things and make sure nothing escapes in to the world.

The story starts with Major Jack Collins who is new to the group and takes over control. Right away he is thrown into an adventure he never thought possible.

Clearly this story is only a beginning, so you have to read through that. Things happen fast and in a few pages several people are introduced.

However, the ending didn’t quite please me. It reminded me of an old A-Team or McGgyver episode where everything is solved in the last few minutes. Also there is an abundance of military terms, so if you don’t understand them you miss some details. So I guess a list of explanations would have helped.

All in all, I recommend this book to everyone who likes to read syfy and wants to know what might have happened at important points in history.

The official site for the series can be found here┬ábut it seems there is no activity after 2010. Also beware of the annoying music that starts right away when you open the page. I really don’t like sites that do that.


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