Farm Fresh – Naked Organics #1

January 28, 2016

28432092Farm Fresh is book 1 in the new Naked Organics series by Posy Roberts and was send to me as an ARC, requesting a review. So thank you Posy for allowing me this honor.

Jude Garrity is a regular visitor of a local farmers market. He is curious about a new way of living, but even more curious about the cute guy that works one of the stalls as the market.

Hudson Oliva lives on a commune and works very hard to keep the commune going. The commune is all about providing queer people a safe haven and a place to live off the grid. Jude keeps asking Hudson questions about the place and how it is to live there. Soon Hudson realises he has to be completely honest about the place if he ever wants things to go further with Jude.

Jude applies and eventually moves to Kaleidoscope Gardens, but his sexual hang-ups make it very hard for him to adjust. The commune is all about free sex, with anyone and everyone, even multiple partners if wanted.

It takes a lot of time but in the end Jude starts to feel more comfortable, and is more certain about his feelings for Hudson. But that stirs up a lot of emotions in Hudson, who has his own problems to work through……

I really like the story because it is about something that hasnĀ“t been done that much. Of course there all kinds of stories and rumours about communes and what happens there, but this story is the first I know of that actually is set in a commune and tells the story from the inside out.

Jude grew up in a very religious family and because of that has a very twisted view of sex and what happens when 2 people love each other. We all know these things are not a story but happen all over the world, even today. Personally I think people should be allowed to love who ever they want in any way they want, as long as both parties agree. Religion can bring good things, but is very often used to limit people and suppres them. And that is never good.

Posy Roberts did an excellent job with this story and I am looking forward to the next parts in the story.

You can find Posy Roberts personal site here. This book is for sale at Amazon.


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