Firemen, Flames and Fettuccine – Love’s First Response #2

May 11, 2015

Firemen, Flames and Fettuccine is part 2 in the Love’s First Response series by Sara York. The series is all about people in first response jobs like firefighters, cops and medics. It is in these dangerous jobs they find love in unexpected places.

In part 2 we meet Grady Madison, a firefighter who was forced out of the closet at his last station. Because of that he was forced to change stations and has to find himself again. He volunteers at a kids party, where his eye falls on Paul Sessa. Paul owns a restaurant in town and has a daughter he has to take care of. Because of that he thinks he will never find a man in his life, because what men would want a man with a child?

Grady is dressed up as a clown and thinks Paul will never go for him and will think he is stupid. But somehow they do end up together and they start to date. Both promise to take things slow, but soon that promise goes out the window.

Will Paul and Grady stay together and work through all their differences? What happens when Grady finds out about the child?

I kind of like these books. The stories are short, fast and not always good, but somehow they provide for an easy read. Uncomplicated love is sometimes all you need…..

Find Sara Yorks personal site here for more information.

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