June 28, 2016

29522944Firewall is the new novel by Sierra Riley and is another take on the whole nerd – bodyguard theme. I enjoyed the story very much and I think you will too.

Justin West is one of the worlds most sought after IT specialists. He is a wizard when it comes to computers, but his love life not so much. Because he has Aspergers he finds it very difficult to relate to other people and it actually makes other people feel weird about him. They don’t know how to deal with him and often treat him like the enemy or someone they could never be friends with. But one day he is framed for a massive security breach at the firm he works at and now not only his job is at stake, but also his life.

Calder Lesley is a bodyguard and very good at his work. He deals with all kind of celebrities all the time and makes a very good name for himself. He is also Justin’s best friend, so when he learns about his trouble. Calder immediately drops everything and wants to help Justin the best way possible. He has known about the way Justin feels about him for a long long time, but so far has never acted on it.

But now the situation forces them closer than ever before and both men find their feelings changing. Could there be anything more between them then just friendship? Calder has so far only been with women, but maybe he needs to try something new for a change? But the man who is not afraid of anything, might just be afraid of this? If it goes the wrong way he might loose a valuable friendship….

I absolutely loved the story very much. Judging from the cover picture both men look very hot and they really deserve each other. Both will find something they need in the other one and that might just be the best thing for them both.

It’s a fight to the death to keep Justin’s fledgling firm alive. He’s eating humble pie a few bytes at a time, and needs the help of someone he can trust with everything, including his life. For the first time in nearly a decade, they’re back on Calder’s turf: face-to-face. As his new PA and bodyguard, Calder protects him and stops him from making more enemies. The sparks fly as jealous enemies beat down the door. Opposites might attract, but can they last?

You can find Sierra Riley’s personal page here. This book is for sale at Amazon.

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