First Class Package

February 6, 2015

23784317A short story by Jay Northcote, but so so sweet. I could really feel for the characters in this one.

Jim is a geeky science writer who works from home. One day the doorbell rings and a special delivery arrives, a very handsome postman called Patrick. Jim has a crush immediately and can’t take his eyes of the guy. But what to do?

To make sure Patrick comes at the door again and again, Jim starts ordering random things from Amazon, but big enough to make sure the postman has to ring the doorbell. Pretty soon a massive collection of stuffed animals invades his house.

But Patrick also likes Jim, but his contract his only temporary and running out soon. He has to think of a way to make sure that Jim notices him….

I have seen some cute postmen in my past, so I can sure imagine this happening for real. The part where Jim starts ordering all kinds of stuff really made me laugh.

Thank you Jay Northcote for this nice short story….

This book is free to download at All Romance eBooks and Smashwords and in most Amazon regions


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