Fixing the Hole

November 21, 2014

23340561A very short story but it starts out very good. In a very bad storm a tree hits a house and there is huge hole in the roof. A friend recommends Riley to fix it, since he is very good at his work and doesn’t charge a lot of money.

So he calls Riley and they agree to meet the very next day. Riley arrives late with music very loud, but turns out to be a very cute 28 year old guy. But he is 45, no way a guy like Riley could be interested in someone that old?

Also his last boyfriend broke his heart by running off with a younger guy, telling him that he is old and boring. Now he is afraid to open his heart again, fearing someone might break it again.

Katherine Halle is supposed to be very good at happy endings, according to the information on the back of the book. But there is no happy ending in this book, in fact there is no ending at all. After a long time both guys admit to their feelings, then kiss and then walk away again. No idea what happens next, or if they will ever be together again.

I am sorry Katherine but that is no happy ending to me. And I really really hate it when there is no ending in a book, be it happy or sad. So this book left me quite unhappy as you can imagine.

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