Full Disclosure – Nice Guys #2

March 25, 2015

Full Disclosure is the next novel in the Nice Guys series by Kindle Alexander. As I have said before Alexander books are a bit too much for me. But this one wasn’t that bad at all.

In the first book we already met Mitch Knox as a side character. In this second book it is all about him. He is a Deputy Marshal dedicated to his job and convinced there is no room in his life for romance. One night hook ups are fine, but he knows for sure no one would be able to keep up with his life and would be willing to stay with him.

But then he meets Cody Turner in a night club. Cody is a Texas State Trooper who dreams of being a Texas Ranger one day. His boss makes him take a two week vacation. He goes to a night club and meets Mitch there. They hit it off straight away and pretty soon romance is everywhere.

Suddenly a case that Mitch is dying to finish makes it to the national news and even Cody is caught up in it. Will they both survive the things happening all around them?

This book is not as sweet, romantic and over the top as other Alexander books have been so far. Sure there is romance, sex and love, but it is not so much in your face. But of course everything ends well, everyone is deeply in love and no one is treated any different for being gay. Ow I wish that were true……

If you love romance, nice guys and a good story, I highly recommend this one. Read all about part 1 in the Nice Guys Series here.

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