Full Domain – Nice Guys #3

March 1, 2016

25966618Full Domain is the latest addition to the Nice Guys series, which started of course with part 1 and 2 an now finished with this part. The story started of with telling the stories of several guys finding love together while they balanced life with busy jobs and demanding people around them. I participated in the blog tour for this book earlier on.

US Marshal Kreed Sinacola is a former SEAL and is now employed by a special group that provides security and protection to special people. For his latest assignment he is partnered with a hot computer geek, while he is fighting to close a job for an old friend.

Aaron Stuart is highly skilled with computers and his talents are very much in demand. But when he is pulled in a dangerous FBI mission and is partnered with the hottest guy he has ever seen, his boundaries are crumbling fast.

Working on a mission together, being around each other all the time and forced to look after each other, the tension between them is building and both men try to fight it fearing it might interfear with the mission.

Kreed and Sinacola must find a way to work together even when the sexual tension between them is growing fast and is getting harder and harder to fight. How long will they keep that up?

I simply love all books written by Kindle Alexander and this one is no different. Fast paced, very well worked out and easy to read, it provides for a very good reading. Highly recommended !

You can find Kindle Alexanders personal website here. This book is for sale at Amazon.

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