Full Exposure

September 13, 2015

26051138Full Exposure is a short novel by Amy Jo Cousins and is all about the geek meeting the celebrity and falling in love for real. This kind of story has always been a favorite of mine, but it is very hard to make it believable. I think Amy Jo really pulled it of here, the story is great and easy to read.

Evan Pak is a computer geek who loves nothing more than the quiet live, going unnoticed for the most time. His brother is a somewhat famous photographer and sometimes takes Evan along to be his assistent on shoots. This also happens for a photoshoot with Riley Flood, world famous rock star and great eye candy, or at least Evan thinks so. But why would a guy like that fall for some one like Evan?

The shoot is for the new album cover and they can’t seem to get it right. But a spontaneous idea ends up with Evan stripping naked and getting close and intimate with Riley. The connection between the two men is instant and undeniable.

But when the shoot is over they go their own way again and whatever there was between them seems to be over. However, Evan can’t seem to forget the instant attraction and goes to search Riley out and have an answer once and for all. Did he imagine things or was it all real?

Once again the book cover is a wonderful peace of art. It is exactly the way I imagined Evan to look and even the tattoo on his back is perfect. I don’t know that many Asian people, but this one is absolutely beautiful.

For all those people who love Amy Jo Cousins stories, and I am one of them, you can buy this one instantly. I assure you you will not be disappointed.

You can find Amy Jo Cousins personal website here.The story is for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or All Romance Ebooks.

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