Head Over Paws

May 9, 2017

Head Over Paws is a book by Rory Wilde, an author I had never heard of before but if all of her stories are like this one I sure want to find out more.

I absolutely love a story with animals in it, and this one has one of the cutest animals you have ever seen, a beautiful dog named Bella. Her owner is Ollie Rookwood and he loves his dog very much. After being brutally dumped by his boyfriend all he has left is Bella. But when Bella is attacked and seriously wounded he has to rush her to the vet and pray she will be alright. And the last thing on his mind is finding the man of his dreams when going to the vet, but that is exactly what he does.

Harry Knowles has been a veterinarian for a long time and after a long string of failed relations he has given up on ever finding the man of his dreams. But when Ollie comes rushing into his clinic with a wounded dog, he becomes very interested in the tattooed man. After saving the dog he hires Ollie to redo the logo for his clinic, only to discover he is falling for the graphic designer and falling hard.

There is only one problem, Ollie doesn’t seem to know that Harry is gay and is therefore reluctant to give into his feelings even though the chemistry is undeniable and sparks fly whenever the two men are in the same room. So it seems Harry not only has to safe the dog, but also needs to make Ollie see that he really is the man he has been waiting for. Can he do it?

And will their two dogs every really like each other or not?

Wow, I so loved this story and all the characters in it. The dogs made me laugh at several points and my heart really went out to Ollie for loving Bella with all his heart, but never seeing the man right in front of him. And Harry is the vet everybody wants to find when an animal is in need.

This book is for sale at Amazon.


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