Healing Touch – Rags and Riches #4

July 8, 2016

30295712Healing Touch is part 4 in the Rags and Riches series by E.M. Leya. After reading part 1, 2 and 3 I couldn’t wait to read this part and I was not disappointed. The basic story is the same every time, someone rich meets someone poor and they hit it off in a great way. E.M. Leya manages to make the story fresh every single time and I admire her for that. She is one of my top authors by now and I really do hope she is going to write so much more.

Dereck is a man on the run, desperate to get as far as possible away from the people that know him best. But when he suffers an accident and is temporarily unable to walk he finds himself right back with those people. And they might not turn out to be so bad at all. So when his brother hires a personal assistant for him to help out in the time he his confined to his wheelchair, he thinks nothing of it.

Rodney is fresh out of college and determined to make his first job a great one. A live in function with Dereck to help him get back on his feet can’t be that bad, now can it. And the fact that Rodney is also a physical therapist certainly doesn’t hurt.

After a bumpy start the two quickly form a friendship and when the line between friends and patient starts growing thinner and thinner they find themselves in unknown terrain. Dereck is convinced the accident has left him to ugly to be loved and Rodney needs to make him see that it is not the outside that counts, but what is inside. Will he be able to do that?

I LOVED this story, just as I did all the others in this series. They might not be the most original stories, but there is just something that gets me every time. So if you ever read this E.M. Leya, please please write many more stories for us.

You can find E.M. Leya’s personal Facebook page here. This novel is for sale at Amazon.


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