Heart Trouble – Hearts and Health #1

July 14, 2018

Heart Trouble is part 1 in the Hearts and Health series by D.J. Jamison. All stories are taking place in or around the same hospital, where all main characters work or visit regularly. I know the medical theme, especially doctors and nurses has been a lot, but I really like the way it is done in these books. Characters from other books in the series will show up every now and then, so the stories really connect. I will be posting about the other parts in the series later on, so keep your eyes out for that.

In part 1 we meet Gage Evans, who is admitted to the hospital after a dumb stunt he performed. Teaching a journalism class, he writes a column about doing things you have never done before, but always wanted to. And his latest stunt landed him in the hospital, where he lays his eyes on the very hot nurse Ben Griggs.

Ben is very well aware of the way Gage looks at him, but he is really not interested in starting something with a patient, especially a daredevil like Gage. All he wants is a steady relation with a trustworthy man who loves him back and wants him for who he is.

But the more Ben gets to know Gage, the harder it is to resist him. Ben’s ex dumped him the second something more interesting came along, and he is afraid Gage will do the same thing. Will he be able to trust again and give his heart to Gage?

Fresh off his latest heartbreak, nurse Ben Griggs is wary when one of his patients shows an interest in him — especially when that patient showed up in the ER after a motorcycle accident. Ben’s ex was a biker, a friend with benefits, and he dropped Ben cold when someone more interesting came along. Ben isn’t the kind of guy who can hold the interest of an adrenaline junkie like Gage Evans for long.

Read more about the book and the rest of the series here. D.J. Jamison’s personal page can be found here.

This book has been published before with a different cover as part of the Ashe Sentinel Connections series, but has now been re released with a new cover and as the start of a whole new series. Don’t worry both stories are still the same, it’s only the cover that has changed. But as you can see, it hasn’t changed all that much…..

Personally I give this book 3 stars out of 5. I like the story, but it is not very original. Too many times we have seen doctors fall in love with patients, with other doctors and so on. Now I understand it is very hard to write an original story in this day and age, but even so it could be a little more original.


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