Heat – Salisbury Stories #1

June 7, 2016

23148325Heat is the new novel by R.J. Scott and is the first part in the new Salisbury series. Lewis Mandineau thinks he has lost everything. His money, his lover and now even his restaurant the Laurels is no longer his. Forced to sell to some big American company, he is now no longer his own boss.

And to make things worse, some big shot from the American company is coming over to check them out, and every one is convinced, to close them down if they don’t make enough money.

So when Devon Trelawney III arrives on the scene, he is met with hostility and maybe even some anger.

But Lewis and his sister Rachel are determined to test Devon to the limit and to make sure that he knows everything he needs to know about running a family business. They will not go down without a fight and Devon needs to know that.

So when an arsonist is going through town and threatens everything for everyone, they are forced to work together in ways they never did before. And maybe, just maybe there is more between Lewis and Devon than either man thought possible. But will this be a love that is meant to be?

I liked the story very much, but of course you could see the romance coming a mile away. And I really liked the little bit of mystery they tried to put in, but to be honest there wasn’t much mystery there. Anyone could see from the start who the bad guy was and why. But all in all, not a bad story.

The sound of shattering crockery from the small scullery at the back of the kitchen startled Lewis Mandineau into dropping the bottle of food colouring. It bounced on the counter, leaving a swathe of scarlet cochineal splattered across the front of his white jacket, and rolled to rest against the mixing bowl.

“Bloody hell.” Lewis paid the bottle no attention. Instead, his heart in his mouth, he dashed around the central workstation and into the scullery to see Rachel standing in front of the sink. One arm was wrapped around her waist, and her free hand tugged at her long ponytail while she shook with fright. Around her feet lay shards of white tableware and food scraps. Again.

“Sorry, sorry, Lewis, sorry,” she whimpered.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” Lewis said quietly before taking his sister in his arms and leading her gently away from the disaster.

“I’m sorry. I-I—” She gazed around, as if unsure where she was. “Lewis?”

“Everything’s fine,” he assured her affectionately. “Come on, you can sit in the office while I clear this up.”

Her beautiful sapphire blue eyes gazed up at him with the trust of a child. “Sorry?” she offered again.

“Nothing to be sorry about, sweetie. Just a little accident. Want to watch a DVD?” Nothing could distract Rachel from her problems like a Disney cartoon.

Aristocats?” she asked hopefully.

You can find R.J. Scott’s personal page here. This book is for sale at Amazon

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