Helping Hand – Housemates #1

October 6, 2015

25620337-2Helping Hand (Housemates #1) by Jay Northcote is part 1 in the Housemates series. I read and reviewed part 2 here, so naturally I had to read part 1. Part 1 is a much shorter story and that is too bad because there is much potential in this story.

Jez Fielding and James MacKenzie are housemates at Uni and have made a pact together. Both need to pick up their studies and do so much better. So they decide to be better, stay inside more and devote themselves to studying and nothing more.

Several weeks into the pact, Jez suggests they watch some porn together to help them relax. Of course they will not touch each other and do nothing that could be considered “gay”. After all, masturbation is normal for every guy, isn’t it?

But soon their arrangement changes and the boundaries blur. Jez finds himself more fascinated with James than with the porn and he is imagining all kinds of things they could be doing together. But James is straight and would never agree to that, would he?

A little touching leads to kissing which leads to so much more, but when it is over they will not speak of it to anyone. Not even to each other. Jez is falling for James and falling hard, so what should he do? Will James ever feel the same way about him? Will they ever be open about their “relation”?

What really bugged me the most about this book is the total lack of communication between the boys. Both of them are assuming a lot of things but neither of them talks about it, or even asks anything. What is wrong with asking for what you want?

Book 2 is about Josh who also appears in this story but only has a minor role. Since I know for a fact that part 2 is a great story, I can only think part 1 is a way to set the mood for others to follow. Its a great story, but left a little to be desired….

You can find Jay Northcote’s personal page here. This book is for sale at Amazon, All Romance Ebooks¬†and Smashwords.


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