August 8, 2015

25686927Him is a novel written by two authors, namely Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy. Both have written novels separately and have now combined forces. And very successful I might ad, cause this is one hot story. If you like ice hockey and sporty type men, this is the one for you.

Jamie Canning and Ryan Wesley have always been best friends and shared pretty much everything, until about 4 years ago. They were on a hockey camp together and the last night they spend together lead to some weird things. But it was nothing serious and no one was hurt, right?

Ryan Wesley is gay, but never told his best friend Jamie that. And now he feels guilty about luring his straight friend into something that was never meant to happen. Sure he has always had a major crush on Jamie, but he always knew it would lead to nothing.

Now the sport has lead them together again and Ryan will finally have his chance to apologize to Jamie. But the second he lays eyes on the guy again, he knows the long time crush is far from over and the feelings are still as deep as ever. What to do now?

Jamie never understood how one night of hot sex could lead to 4 years apart. He misses his best friend and wants him back in his life again, this time there will be no more problems between them.

So when Wesley joins him to coach a hockey camp they are forced to spend six more weeks together as room mates. How bad can it be?

Slowly but surely feelings start to build up again and both Ryan and Jamie know there is a fundamental change this time. Jamie finally learns to understand why Ryan never contacted him for four years and why he needs to apologize. And on top of all that, he needs to learn some major things about himself also.

I have never been a sports man and I have almost never seen a hockey game, but the characters in this story are hot and steamy. Who hasn’t ever dreamed of one hot night of sex with a straight best friend? And we all know it will never be more than that right? I recommend this story very much and I will be checking out novels both authors wrote separately.

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